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Abe Drexler
Abe mad men
Portrayed by Charlie Hofheimer
First appearance The Rejected
Gender Male
Occupation Journalist/Writer
Romantic Partners Peggy Olson (ex-girlfriend)


Abe Drexler is one of Joyce Ramsay's friends.  He later becomes Peggy Olson's boyfriend.

He meets Peggy Olson at one of Davey Kellogg's warehouse parties. When the cops raid the event, Abe and Peggy hide in a closet and share a kiss. ("The Rejected")

Months later, Joyce and Peggy go to grab drinks at a bar in midtown Manhattan. They see Abe there; he had Joyce help arrange a meeting (Abe had not wanted to visit her at work and thought looking up her home address would be considered odd). At the bar, Abe criticizes corporations and Peggy's work--not understanding that patronizing and belittling a young career woman does not work as flirting. Peggy later pretends that she would not have been interested in working on the Barry Goldwater campaign. After he insults her, she leaves.

The following day, Abe comes to SCDP to apologize. He has written her a story called "Nuremberg on Madison Avenue." After reading it, Peggy asks him not to publish it since it could impact her career in a negative way. He says that her job is a waste and that she could do/be so much more; Peggy counters, telling him that she is not a political person. Defeated, he tells her that he will not bother her again. ("The Beautiful Girls")

Abe runs into both Joyce and Peggy on a visit to Jones Beach. While they are packing up Joyce's car and preparing to head home, Abe and a few other people join them. Peggy is suspicious but he insists that he didn't plan their meeting. Arriving back in the city, they head to her place. She and Abe begin to kiss; they end up spending the night together. He tells Peggy that he does not "usually do anything", after which Peggy tells him she doesn't want him to leave. Later, he brings a package by the office, pretending to be a delivery boy. ("Chinese Wall")

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