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Abigail Whitman
Portrayed by Brynn Horrocks
First appearance Babylon
Final appearance Shut the Door. Have a Seat
Gender Female
Occupation Farm Wife
Residence Pennsylvania
Husband Archibald Whitman
Mack Johnson
Child(ren) Adam Whitman
Don Draper (adopted)

Abigail Whitman

Abigail Whitman in "The Hobo Code"


Abigail Whitman was the wife of Archibald Whitman and mother to Adam Whitman as well as adoptive mother to Don Draper.

When Archie was kicked in the face by a horse and died, she "took up" with a new man, Mack Johnson. Don's childhood was unhappy, and his stepmother never allowed him to forget that he was a "whore child". ("Long Weekend") ("The Hobo Code")

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