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Portrayed by Alexa Alemanni
First appearance Marriage of Figaro
Final appearance The Rejected
Gender Female
Employer Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (former)
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Occupation Secretary


Allison was Don Draper's young, competent secretary, who made sure that his every need was taken care of.

Sterling Cooper

Allison starts as one of the receptionists at the front desk, before eventually becoming Don Draper's secretary. She demonstrates on numerous occasions that she is good at her job due to her discreet and formal nature.

She notices that something is wrong after the weekend where Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Bertram Cooper, Lane Pryce, Pete Campbell, Peggy Olson, Joan Holloway, and Harry Crane ransack the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency offices after leaving to start their own firm. ("Shut the Door. Have a Seat")

Sometime between December 1963 and December 1964, she joins Don as his secretary once again. ("Public Relations")

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

Don takes advantage of her attentiveness as a lonely bachelor. Allison buys Don's Christmas presents for Sally Draper and Robert Draper, brings Don's keys to his apartment when he drunkenly leaves them at the office, and then makes love to him, although she resists his advances momentarily. The next morning Allison greets Don with an excited smile, but he acts like their encounter never happened, saying "thank you for bringing my keys." He hands her a 100 dollar bonus for all of her "hard work," and says that he "went too far." Allison is clearly upset. ("Christmas Comes But Once a Year")

During a group meeting of various secretaries to do some testing for Ponds, Allison began to tear up after hearing how men treated the other secretaries. She knew Don was in the other room, and finally broke down and ran out of the room. Feeling somewhat responsible, Peggy asked to check in on Allison. After inquiring, Allison begins talking about her involvement with Don, and assumes that Peggy went through the same thing. Peggy is insulted and tells Allison to get over it.

Later, Allison confronts Don. After being told that she could write any recommendation and that he'd sign it, she becomes outraged and throws a cigarette dispenser at him before, storming out of the office. Joan asks if she would be allowed back after a few days and Don quietly said no. That evening, after drinking, Don returns home and begins an apology letter, before discarding it. ("The Rejected")

In "Nixon vs. Kennedy", Ken pulls her to the ground and hikes up her skirt to reveal her panties.


Ken allison nixon vs kennedy

"Nixon vs. Kennedy".

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