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Anita Olson Respola
Portrayed by Audrey Wasilewski
First appearance Flight 1
Gender Female
Husband Gerry Respola
Parent(s) Katherine Olson
Child(ren) Gerry Respola Jr.
Sibling(s) Peggy Olson

Anita Olson Respola is the sister of Peggy Olson.

Anita and her mother visited Peggy when she was in the hospital a short time after giving birth being visited by her mother and then-pregnant sister. ("The New Girl")

Anita was often appalled by her sister's behavior. She often belittles her. She once questioned her capability of making decisions by telling her that the State of New York and doctors didn't think she was capable at one point when she was hospitalized. ("Flight 1")

At confession, Anita admits to Father Gill that she hates Peggy. Anita reveals Peggy had a child out of wedlock and acts like nothing happened. ("Three Sundays")

At some point Katherine Olson moved into Anita's house. After church one Sunday, Peggy confides to Anita her plan to move to Manhattan. "You going to be one of those girls?" Anita asks. "I am one of those girls," Peggy replies. ("The Arrangements")

Anita was witness to a fight between Peggy and her then-boyfriend, Mark. Mark was throwing a surprise party for Peggy with her entire family present. Peggy thought about leaving, but called the restaurant, telling him that she would not make it. Katherine told Peggy over the phone that Mark was "crestfallen" and that she was disappointed with her. Mark then wondered why he would bother being nice to her and broke up over the phone. Anita then told him that things would be okay, though it did not seem likely that would be the case. ("The Suitcase")

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