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Dr. Arnold Wayne
Red in the face dr wayne
Portrayed by Andy Umberger
First appearance Ladies Room
Final appearance The Wheel
Gender Male
Occupation Psychiatrist (Psychiatry)
Psychologist (Psychology)


Dr. Arnold Wayne was Betty Hofstadt's psychiatrist.

Betty got into a minor accident when her body went numb, and believed something was wrong with her. Don arranged for her to see Dr. Wayne. She tried to confide in Dr. Arnold Wayne, unsure how to really explain what is going on in her life. Unbeknown to her, Don would call Dr. Wayne to find out what was discussed at the meeting. ("Ladies Room")

Betty told him about her concerns over Helen Bishop and her children. ("New Amsterdam")

Later, Don is not happy with her dower mood, but she insists that it is part of the mourning process suggested by Dr. Wayne. ("Babylon") Don calls Dr. Wayne, Betty's psychiatrist, to find out how she's doing and what she's been talking about. "She seems consumed by petty jealousies and overwhelmed with every day activities," he says. "We're basically dealing with the emotions of a child here." ("Red in the Face")

At Dr. Wayne's office, Betty continues to revel in her days as a model. He believes that Betty is angry with her own mother, something that helps Betty open up more about her childhood. ("Shoot")

Much later, Don calls Dr. Wayne, angry with what he believes is that Betty is in worse shape than she was before therapy. Dr. Wayne suggests moving toward psychoanalysis, which is at least three visits every week. ("Indian Summer")

One night, Betty sees the phone bill, noticing eight calls to Manhattan. She calls the number and realizes that it is Dr. Wayne. Later, at his office, Betty, knowing that Dr. Wayne is talking to Don about her, starts to explain that she would like to be happy if Don was faithful to her. Betty says she feels sorry for Don but should be angry. ("The Wheel")

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