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Bethany Van Nuys
Portrayed by Anna Camp
First appearance Public Relations
Final appearance The Summer Man
Gender Female
Residence New York City
"You hit it off, come Turkey Day, maybe you can stuff her."
-Roger Sterling, Public Relations

Bethany is a friend of Jane Sterling.

Jane and Roger set up a blind date between her and Don around Thanksgiving.[1]

Don and Bethany have only gone on three dates since meeting five months prior. Don takes her to the West 56th Street Benihana, where Don compliments her on the ability to use chopsticks.[2]

Don and Bethany go on another date to a restaurant, and she complains that he almost never takes her on any dates, suspecting there is someone else in his life. He denies this, telling her he is working all the time. They happen to run into Betty and Henry Francis. Both Don and Bethany continue to have a good time, with Don brushing off the encounter with his ex-wife. On the taxi ride to her apartment, telling him "To be continued..." which Don believes is a line she had spent the entire night thinking of. Don later writes about her in his journal, saying "She's a sweet girl, and she wants me to know her, but I already do. People tell you who they are but we ignore it, because we want them to be who we want them to be."[3]


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