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Bobbie Barrett
Portrayed by Melinda McGraw
First appearance The Benefactor
Gender Female
Occupation Her Husband's Manager
Husband Jimmy Barrett
Romantic Partners Don Draper
Child(ren) 1 son, 1 daughter


Bobbie Barrett is the wife and manager of obnoxious comic Jimmy Barrett who was hired by Sterling Cooper to do TV spots for Utz Potato Chips. Bobbie's relationship with the agency starts out strictly professional, but becomes much more involved after her husband insults an SC client, and Don Draper begins an affair with her. The affair is put in jeopardy when the two have a car accident while secretly driving to the beach together.

While recovering at Peggy Olson's apartment, she sums up her philosophy on making it in a man's world: "You can't be a man", she advises. "Be a woman. It's powerful business when done correctly." Don ends their affair after he learns she's been gossiping about him.

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