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Bud Campbell
Portrayed by Rich Hutchman
First appearance Flight 1
Final appearance The Inheritance
Gender Male
Wife Judy Campbell
Parent(s) Dorothy Campbell (Mother)
Andrew Campbell (Father}
Sibling(s) Pete Campbell


Bud Campbell is Pete Campbell's brother.

Mentioned in Season 1, Pete reveals that sometime during the summer of 1959, Bud apparently "hit a girl on her bike in Montauk" and required his father's legal assistance. Bud is not seen until season two, however, when Pete learns that patriarch Andrew Campbell died in the American Airlines Flight 1 crash, and heads to his parent's place. Upon arriving, Bud informs Pete that their father was insolvent and that their mother's trust has substantial liens against it. ("Flight 1")

Bud and Pete examine documents that reveal how thoroughly their father squandered their inheritance. Pete wonders how long his mother, Dorothy Campbell, can afford to live before joking about Hitchcock's film Rope. Discussing the idea of continuing the Campbell name, Bud remarks that he and his wife Judy have no plans for children. Pete confides that he and Trudy are considering adoption.

Pete later visits his mother, who threatens to disinherit him if he adopts a child, repeating his father's description of adoption as "pulling from the discards." Pete retorts that her "husband spent everything you had. Spent it with strangers," forcing Bud to come clean about their mother's financial state. ("The Inheritance")

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