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Portrayed by Deborah Lacey
First appearance The Wheel
Gender Female
Occupation House Keeper

Carla is the Draper residence housekeeper. ("The Wheel")


In mid-1962, Betty Hofstadt is feeling stress, marital and personal. Carla, offers some marital advice, though Betty does not want to discuss her life with her. She does however take Carla's suggestion to be outdoors more often. ("Six Month Leave")

Because the Tarrytown trustees have called a sudden meeting, Francine asks Carla to watch her son Ernie. That night, Bobby spies on Sally and Ernie while they play grown-up. When Sally kisses Ernie, Bobby makes fun of her. Sally tackles Bobby, hitting him repeatedly until Carla separates the siblings. ("Souvenir")

In mid-1963, Henry Francis comes to the Draper residence unannounced. Carla enters the house soon after he arrives, and the two try to bluff their way out of the awkward situation by stating that Henry was planning a fundraiser at the household, though Carla remains quietly skeptical. ("Wee Small Hours")

On November 22, 1963, Betty tells Carla what happened shortly after she arrived at the Draper home. Both sit and cry while fixed to the television set. ("The Grown-Ups")

When Betty leaves for Reno with baby Eugene Draper and Henry Francis, Carla stays at the Draper residence and cares for Sally and Bobby. ("Shut the Door. Have a Seat")

A year later and Carla is still under the employ of the Drapers, presumably still being paid by Don, although he no longer lives at the house in Ossining. ("Christmas Comes But Once a Year")

When Sally is forced to see a psychiatrist, Carla is the one who takes Sally. ("The Chrysanthemum and the Sword")

Carla is immediately fired after Betty discovers that Carla allowed Glen Bishop to say goodbye to Sally before the move. Henry is angered by Betty's sudden and cold dismissal of her, as he first learned of the firing over the phone from Carla, who called because Betty refused to provide a referral. Don had expected Carla to accompany him and his children while on vacation to California, so on short notice Don takes Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce secretary Megan Calvet instead. ("Tomorrowland")

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