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Don arrives at work to find Stan waiting for him in a jacket and tie. Stan wants to volunteer for the Sunkist job in California, but Don tries to talk him out of it.

Roger has refused to give Brooks money. Margaret is angry, and asks what she has to do to get on the list of girls Roger gives money to. She tells him not to come to Thanksgiving dinner, and leaves.

Ken and Jim tell Don that Hershey has sent out RFPs to 30 top ad agencies. Don wonders whether Hershey is serious, but Jim says it's worth an effort because it could end up with an account worth millions.

Bob Benson gives Joan a model car for Kevin. Roger sees this, and is suspicious. He talks to Bob about Chevy, and Rogers says, “You know what they say about Detroit – it’s all fun and games until they shoot you in the face.”

Don’s at home pouring himself a drink. Megan comes in to say they got another letter about Sally needing to provide a statement about the Grandma Ida burglary. Don says he’ll speak to her about it on Thanksgiving, but Megan reminds him that only the boys are coming because Miss Porter’s doesn’t have a Thanksgiving break.

In the office the next day, Roger calls Bob Benson into his office and warns Bob not to hurt Joan. Bob maintains that they are just friends.

Don calls Sally at school to tell her about that she will have to give a statement on December 1. Sally gives him attitude and hangs up on him.

The Sheraton Royal Hawaiian people are looking for Don but he is in a bar. A man is in there, preaching about Jesus. Don has a flashback to Uncle Mack ejecting a proselytizer who was trying to convert the women in the whorehouse. He proselytizer tells Dick Whitman that the only unforgivable sin is to believe that God cannot forgive you.

Don wakes up in the drunk tank. He yells that he shouldn’t be there. A voice tells him he’s right; he punched a minister and should be at Rikers, and to sleep it off.

Peggy heads out for the evening and runs into Ted’s two boys and his wife, Nan.

Clara gives a telegram to Pete that tells him that his mother was lost at sea.

Don is at home pouring all the liquor into the sink. When Megan asks what is going on, Don says he's been to jail, and that he wants to move to California and start over. Don says they were happy out there once and they can be happy again. Megan cries with happiness or relief.

Don gathers the partners to tell them he wants to take the California job. Ted is mad that Don decided this unilaterally, but Jim tells him that this will be good for Ted. Stan is very angry, and yells at Don for taking his opportunity.

Pete learns that his missing mother had previously married Manolo on the ship. As Pete rushes out of the office for Detroit, he encounters Bob in the elevator. He yells about Bob about Manolo, and calls Bob an accessory to murder. Bob pleads ignorance, and Pete refuses to share a cab to the airport with Bob.

Peggy, wearing a black cocktail dress, tells everyone in the conference room she is leaving early. Ted just stares at her.

Pete and Bob Benson arrive at GM to meet with the Chevy executives. Pete tries to outmaneuver Bob, but Bob gets back at him by suggesting he test-drive the new Camaro Z-28. Unfortunately, Pete can’t drive the car and backs into the GM sign, knocking it over. The Chevy men are appalled that Pete can't drive a manual.

Peggy arrives home to find Ted waiting in her foyer. Peggy tells him to leave. Ted says he’s going to leave his wife. Peggy tells him to shut up and says she’s not that girl. Ted says “I love you.”

Don gets a phone call in the middle of the night. Sally’s been suspended, and Betty wants to know if Don can pick her up from school. He eventually agrees, so Betty can save face with Henry’s mother at Thanksgiving.

Peggy and Ted are in bed after sex. Peggy says he should go home to his wife. Ted says he doesn’t want to sneak around and promises they won’t have to. Peggy says she doesn’t want a scandal and says she’ll wait for him. Ted goes home and gets into bed with his wife Nan.

The next day, Pete is back in the office, sent home by the Chevy execs. His secretary Clara tells him his brother Bud has been trying to reach him.

Roger’s secretary Caroline talks to Joan about Roger. "I'd invite him to my place for Thanksgiving, but Ralph stopped drinking and you know little Ralphie's spastic."

Ted goes to see Don in his office. He wants to go to California instead of Don. He needs to start over. "With Peggy?” says Don. Ted says no, with his family. Don says it's too late, Megan already quit her job. Ted is resigned, but tells Don to have a drink before the Hershey meeting. Don does.

In the meeting, Don says the product itself is the most successful billboard. Everyone in this room has a story to tell about it. His own story is that his dad would buy him one whenever he mowed the lawn. He could have had anything he wanted at the drug store, but he always chose a Hershey bar. His dad would tousle his hair, forever tying his father’s love and chocolate together. Hershey’s is the currency of affection; the childhood symbol of love. Don sits down, pleased with himself. The Hershey people seem happy too.

But instead of stopping there, Don continues. “I was an orphan. I grew up in a Pennsylvania whorehouse.” Don read about Milton Hershey and his school for boys. He read that some orphans had a different life and he dreamed about being wanted. The closest he got to feeling wanted was from a “girl” who made him go through the johns' pockets. If he collected more than a dollar, she’d buy him a Hershey bar. He would eat it alone in his room, "with great ceremony." It was the only sweet thing in his life. Don says if he had his way, Hershey would never advertise. They shouldn’t have someone like him telling that boy what a Hershey bar is. He already knows.

Everyone sits in stunned silence. Jim tries to cover for Don, but the Hershey men leave. So does everyone else except for Don and Ted. Don tells Ted he can go to California after all.

Roger comes up to Don in the hall and asks if anything Don said was true. Don says yes and that he has to go home.

Pete and his brother Bud are in Pete’s office talking with someone from the cruise line. They have not found their mother's body, but they are going to hire a private investigator to find Dorothy’s husband/nurse/murderer, Manolo Colon, AKA Marcus Constantine. Pete and Bud agree that an investigation won’t bring Dorothy back. Bud says she’s in the water with their father. Pete says, “She loved the sea.”

Peggy’s at her desk typing. Ted comes in and tells her he’s going to California. Peggy is furious and blames Don, but Ted says no, Don gave up his spot for him. Ted says he wanted “this” so much, but he has a family. He says he loves her deeply, but he can’t be around her and ruin all those lives. Peggy screams "Get out!" Ted says that someday she’ll be glad he made this decision. Peggy says “aren’t you lucky to have decisions.”

Don comes home and Megan tells him there is a mandatory partners meeting about California for the next day at 9 am sharp. Don tells her they’re not going. Megan storms out.

Pete has sent some of his mother's furniture to Trudy’s house. He is going to California.

Don arrives at the office to find Roger, Bert, Jim and Joan waiting for him. Roger says they want him to “take some time off and regroup.” Don wants a return date, but Bert can’t give him one. Don leaves and runs into Duck Phillips coming off the elevator, presumably with his replacement: Lou Avery from Dancer Fitzgerald. Lou asks if Don is going down.

Roger arrives at Joan’s with a case of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. Bob is there, carving the turkey. Roger goes over to ask Kevin if he’s ready for some turkey.

Stan walks by Don’s office, where Peggy is going over files. He makes a comment about her being in Don’s office and she says that’s where the work is. She sits in Don’s chair and gets to work.

Don has Sally and Bobby in the car and pulls over on the side of a street. Bobby notes that it’s a bad neighborhood. Don tells them to get out of the car. They get out and look at the old whorehouse and Don says “this is where I grew up.”

Closing song: Judy Collins, “Both Sides Now."

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