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Chinese Wall
Chinese wall
Season 4 Episode 11
Air date 3 October 2010
Written by Andre Jacquemetton
Maria Jacquemetton
Directed by John Slattery

Hands and Knees
Blowing Smoke


Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce employees resort to scuttlebutt after an agency-wide meeting is called after to news about Lucky Strike is leaked. Roger is forced to fix the situation at hand and makes a confession to Joan. Peggy and Abe meet again, with different results. Stan sees a change in Peggy. While Pete is awaiting the arrival of his unborn child, Ted Chaough seizes an opportunity. Don and Faye have a disagreement, leading Don to turn to an unlikely source, that may threaten his relationship with Faye.


Peggy Olson and Joyce are leaving Jones Beach when a few others join them in the car, including Abe, who insists he didn't plan it. Peggy ends up sitting on his lap. Realizing she's been in the water while brushing sand off her arm, Peggy replies she "likes the water", he asks if he can "quote" her "on that," and says that he's "learning" as Peggy smiles. Cut to Peggys apartment, seeing her room is a mess Abe playfully calls Peggy a "slob", Peggy shushes him to be quiet because she has "a roommate" before the two of them have sex.

Chinese wall peggy abe

Peggy and Abe meet again, Chinese Wall.


Things turn awkward at dinner for Ken. Chinese Wall.

Chinese wall partners ken

Roger is confronted, Chinese Wall.

Ken is at dinner with his fiance, Cynthia Cosgrove as she stares the story of Trudy Vogel going into labor, who is currently at the hospital with Pete and Trudy's parents. That is until John Flory an account executive from BBDO extends his "condolences", Ken misinterpreting what he means by the gesture goes onto explain that he and David Montgomery (the Senior Vice President of Accounts from Geyer, who recently passed away) didn't know each other "that well". Eventually realizing he had mistaken Flory's gesture, Ken demands to know what Flory meant. Flory then mentions the fact that Lucky Strike along with American Tobacco have transferred all accounts to BBDO. In a state of shock Ken leaves dinner with his future in-laws to share the news with Pete, Don and Cooper. Per Don's instruction they all meet at the office, inviting Roger.

At the office Roger arrives as Ken shares the news once again, beunknownst to them; Roger already knows of Lucky's decision to leave. Cooper instructs Roger to call Lee Garner Jr. right there and then to demand whats going on. Roger calls Lee while holding down the clicker, and proceeds to have a one-ended conversation with himself pretending to bellow at Lee ultimately pretending Lee hung up on him. Per Don's suggest that Roger fly to Raleigh to try and consolidate with Lee, Roger agrees.

Don arrives back to his apartment returning to Faye, sharing the bad news of Lucky Strike leaving. Faye does her best to console him.

Chinese wall office meeting

An office-wide meeting is called, Chinese Wall.

Pete returns to the hospital, where Thomas Vogel tells Pete to "go about [his] business." Sharing that at the time of Trudy's birth his whereabouts was at " a ballgame." Pete candidly shares the news of Lucky Strike's leaving. Tom advises that Pete takes a job at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough.

The next morning Abe is leaving Peggy's apartment, he questions whether Peggy wants him to leave, where she tells him she wants him to do what he "usually does." Replying he "doesn't usually do anything", Peggy tells him she is "not letting [him] leave." Before Abe returns to bed with her, where Peggy apologies, shes not "usually like this".

Chinese wall joan

Joan is livid when she hears disturbing news. Chinese Wall.

Don, Pete and Cooper are in Don's office anxiously awaiting a call from Roger, in Raleigh. Roger tells them that "it's over". The camera pans out and it is revealed that Roger is in fact in a hotel room, not Raleigh.

An agency-wide meeting is called, when numerous employee guess at what the meeting is about. As Joan arrives giving Cooper a speech in larger print, Cooper announces the loss of Lucky Strike before turning the light onto Don, who expostulates that Ken and Pete will be on damage control, before giving a motivational speech about how SCDP is a fine, creative agency that will overcome, and succeed tenfold" the situation they are in.

Chinese wall peggy

Peggy finds herself in a libidinous daze, Chinese Wall.

When the creative team are called into Don's office when Don gives yet again another motivational speech, on the fact that their creative ideas should appear even more creative and "thoughtful" then they normally would. Don keeps Peggy behind as the others leave, questioning whether or not she is "worried", Peggy replies with Don appears to have everything "under control". Don acknowledges the fact that he is "counting" on Peggy.

In her office Joan receives a phone call from Roger, while Joan em-pathetically extends her condolences Roger confesses that he feels guilty, and that he "needs" to see her. Telling Roger she isn't flying to Raleigh, asking when he gets back Roger confesses that he is in fact at the Statler Hotel, keeping away from Midtown. Livid, Joan asks Roger why didn't he tell her sooner, and that he should have; together they could have done something". Before hanging up on him she scolds, there is "a lot of work to do."

While in the creative lobby Danny, Peggy, and Stan are trying to come up with copy for Playtex gloves. As Peggy starts throwing around her ideas of what a woman "like to touch", she starts listing off things such as "feeling the tuft of hair" on a mans chest, while in a libidinous daze about Abe. As Danny and Stan begin to recognise Peggys erogenous libido, Abe calls in citing he has a "package" for Peggy, Peggy leaves the lobby and takes Abe into her office - while Stan comments that her energy is "very good."


Stan sees something curious, Chinese Wall.



Chinese wall glo coat reaction

SCDP are cursed with more bad news, Chinese Wall.

Don, Ken, Harry, Cooper, Joan and an asleep Pete are in the conference room dandling clients. Cooper advises they go to David Montgomery's funeral to comfort the stray and vulnerable clients. When Megan calls Don into his office, with a call from Al Weaver from Glo-Coat, despite knowing Pete called them that morning reassuring that everything is ok. When Don takes the call, Al tells him they are removing their account from SCDP, despite them winning the Clio Award for the Billy the Kid commercial. Don returns to the meeting, where he claims that due to Trudy's labor Pete is distracted, citing that he scared those at Glo-Coat. With his efforts questioned Pete leaves the office in a huff.

Chinese wall ted

Ted sees a window of opportunity, Chinese Wall.

Going into Peggy's office Stan sees Abe leaving the office.

Returning to the hospital, Ted is revealed to be waiting for him. Dragging Pete to one side and handing him a gift for the baby, Ted affirms that this is an opportunity for Pete, and that Jim Cutler is due to retire citing that "Campbell, Gleason and Chaough has a nice ring to it." He further cajoles Pete in flirting with the idea that he "isn't Don."

Chinese wall joan and roger

"Roger, I can't do this anymore." - Chinese Wall.

At her apartment Joan answers the door, to find Roger on the other side. Inviting him in Roger suddenly kisses her. Joan advises he stop, or they can "talk over the phone." Playfully taunting her about her sleepwear Joan demand she know why he came over because she is "exhausted." Attempting to come onto her again, Joan asks why, is it because she is a "port in a storm" - Roger assures he its because he feels "like shit and [she] cares about [him]." Taking his face in her hands Joan tells him she can't "do this" anymore, and that she isn't a "solution" to his problems, in fact she is "another problem." Roger affirms that she'll change her mind because they "belong together", Joan once again protests that she cannot "do it" anymore. Sharing a hug, Roger questions whether the night they got mugged was the "last time." Joan shrugs as Roger leaves wishing he had "known that".

Chinese wall faye don

"I kissed you and it went quiet." - Chinese Wall.

Back at the office Faye drops by Don's office, surprised everyone else has left. Don jokingly states that at "8 PM" there is only "so much you can pretend to be doing." Asking how he is, Don confesses that a lot of his clients are "running scared." An attempt to console Don, Faye proclaims that "clients are never happy." In a bid to try and get Faye to talk about which clients in particular are unhappy, Faye reminds Don that she has a duty to her clients to remain sh-tum about their business. When Don offers a rebuttle, claiming his "drowning" and that he would do the same for her, Faye acknowledges the fact that she knows the difference between the office and their relationship and that she would never put Don in that position to begin with.


Stan tries to "calm" Peggy. Chinese Wall.

The next day Peggy is preparing for her pitch for Playtex. Stan sees her anxiety, avows he knows a trick that'll help her relax. Telling her to stand parallel to him, while closing her eyes and "blowing a cool stream of air into" his face, Stan kisses her. Rejecting him, Peggy demands to know what he is playing at. Stan says he has seen her carnal concupiscence with the "delivery boy", Peggy reveals to Stan that Abe is in fact her boyfriend.

Chinese wall partners

The partners congratulate Pete on his new arrival. Chinese Wall.

With Roger back at the office, Don, Pete and Joan all enter requesting an account of what happened with Lee. Roger lies, saying that "they were terrified of the British cutting cigarette ad's from TV and that the Board felt like they needed to cut costs." Joan looks on at him disapprovingly, while Pete calls the account crap, citing the stats were up 10%. Joan reminds the men that David Montgomery's memorial starts in 40 minutes, trying to trivialize the mood, Roger exclaims that David's passing is the "silver lining."

Chinese wall joan gaze

Joan gives Roger a disapproving gaze, Chinese Wall.

Turning both Pete and Don sour, they declare its to "win clients", a skills according to Don is one that Roger has "forgotten to do". Before kicking everyone out of his office, Megan interrupts the argument at hand by announcing that Trudy has giving birth to a baby girl, which prompts the room to unwittingly congratulate him. After everyone leaves Joan once again gives a cold glance to Roger, while Burt offers a wake up call to Roger citing, "Lee never took [him] seriously because Roger never took himself seriously."

Before the Playtex pitch Stan asks Peggy if there are any "hard feelings" between them while Peggy applies lipstick. Peggy says "no" before asking how she looks. Realizing that an oblivious Peggy has lipstick on her teeth, Stan remarks she looks absolutely fine, with a knowing grin on his face.

Chinese wall peggy lipstick

Peggy forgets to check something, Chinese Wall.

While at David's memorial each executive David had worked with are taking in turns, one-by-one to speak at the podium; meanwhile the SCDP exec's suss out the "getable" clients.

Peggy is giving her Playtex pitch, still with lipstick on her teeth. The Playtex exec attempts to make her aware by running his tongue against his teeth, only confusing Peggy. It isn't until the pitch is over Harry tells her, while Stan grins and leaves the room. Redeeming his own embarrassment with hers.

Chinese wall don megan

Don slips into indiscretion, Chinese Wall.

Later Don returns to the office and sees that Megan is still there. Megan offers Don with some help, showing some interest in copywriting - Don accepts her offer. Asking Megan what she liked about his Glo-Coat commercial, Megan opens up about her early life, growing up in Montreal and revealing she really came to New York to be an actress. Megan realizes upon telling Don all of this, she knows everything about Don, yet he knows nothing about her; stating that he is all work and everything else is sentimental. Asking how many drinks he has had, Megan touches his arm. They begin kiss and although Don tries to fight it at first, Megan is clear that the kiss wasn't a transaction, and she isn't the sort of girl who will end up crying tomorrow. They proceed to have sex on Don's couch.


Roger the victim of his own negligence. Chinese Wall.

Jane is at home when Roger returns home from work, she reveals a box containing multiple copies of Rogers memoirs, "Sterling's Gold" - she encourages him to sign one for her. He addresses it to his "loving wife." Although as he holds Jane his face says other wise.

Don and Megan are getting dressed, when Don asks of Megan would like to "grab a bite" with him, Megan says that she wants him to "go home, go to sleep and not drink anymore tonight", before Don passionately kisses her goodnight.

Chinese wall don and faye

Don is yet again, left conflicted. Chinese Wall.

Returning to his apartment, Faye is waiting outside. Asking if she can come in, Don opens the door. Once in Faye announces she has gotten Don a meeting with Heinz, who are apparently "restless". When Don tells her she didn't have to do that for him, she replies that she wanted to. After kissing him, Don invites her to stay, although all she wants just for him to hold her. The episode ends with Faye resting on Don, on the couch.


Main Star

Guest Star

  • John Hartmann as Jeff Arbus
  • Randy Thompson as Joe Simonds
  • Bradford English as Jim Crosby
  • Dale Waddington as Lillian Baxter
  • Mark Colson as Bill Shepard
  • Chad Hall as Andy
  • Kenan Imirzalioglu as Pearlie
  • Jessica Lee Wrabel as Laura
  • Megan Albertus as Secretary (uncredited)


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