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Crab Colson
Portrayed by Matt McKenzie
First appearance Maidenform
Gender Male
Employer Playtex

Crab Colson is a public relations specialist working for the firm Rogers&Cowen. He appears at a Memorial Day event in "Maidenform" where he talks politics with Don, who listens in with an unusual degree of enthusiasm. Colson, it seems, was part of a public relations team designated to spin popular support for the Bay of Pigs uprising. Following the dismal failure of the invasion, Colson and his team took the fall and he moved to another agency. Colson appears to have an important status in his line of work and Don treats him with a high degree of respect which appears to be mutual. He offers to give Don a referral for future business and the two later get together informally during a dinner party at the Draper house.

Crab and his wife Petra arrive for dinner at the Drapers in "A Night to Remember" where they are also joined by Roger and Mona Sterling as well as Herman Phillips, who comes stag. Don had previously remarked to Herman Phillips about the importance of sitting down at a table with Colson. Petra loudly requests another drink and bumps into a wall while trying to enter the kitchen. After Herman Phillips brings up a marketing strategy involving Betty, she feels thoroughly embarrassed. Trying to comfort her afterwards, Don remarks the only thing anyone will remember from the night was that Petra Colson missed her chair as she tried to sit. Despite these hints at Crab Colson's importance for Sterling Cooper and his interest in Don, neither he, nor his wife, have been seen since.

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