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Danny Siegel
Danny Siegel
Portrayed by Danny Strong
First appearance Waldorf Stories
Gender Male
Employer Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Occupation Copywriter
Other Relations Jane Siegel (cousin)

Danny Siegel is a copywriter for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. He is the cousin of Jane Siegel.

Danny was given an interview with Don by Roger, a favor for his wife. Don and Peggy interviewed with him, but were far from impressed with his work and portfolio. Peggy indicated to Don that after the interview that she didn't even believe that he was 24. They had no intention of hiring him, expressed to Roger after an inquiry about when he would start. After winning a CLIO, Don inadvertently used one of Danny's tag lines which they discussed earlier in the interview. Peggy confronted Don the following week, telling him that something had to be done to make this right. Don brought Danny back into the office and tried to pay him for the idea, though Danny would take nothing short of a full time position. Much to Peggy's surprise, Don introduced Danny as a new copywriter for the company. ("Waldorf Stories")

While working on the Samsonite account with Joey Baird and Stan Rizzo, Joan Holloway remarks about the mess they've created. Joey jokingly remarks that "although I am paid less, I am still not a janitor" before shrugging and walking off, leaving Danny and Stan to clean up the mess. Later in the day both Stan and Danny take off before Don or Peggy can keep them late in the office and miss the Ali vs. Liston boxing match. ("The Suitcase")

Danny knew something may be wrong with the firm when the entire firm is asked to meet together. He later asked if the last people hired would be the first people fired. Don did not confirm this with him, but tried to rest his fears by saying it was not coming to that. ("Chinese Wall")

While Peggy mentions that Danny has grown on her since his rough start, he is among the SCDP employees who are laid off from the firm. Danny thanks Don for the opportunity on his way out. ("Blowing Smoke")

Danny eventually moves west, in an attempt to get into the movie business. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

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