Ed Baxter
Portrayed by Ray Wise
First appearance Chinese Wall
Gender Male
Employer Corning Inc.
Occupation Executive
Wife Lillian Baxter
Child(ren) Cynthia Baxter

Ed Baxter is a recurring character in the Season 5. He is played by guest star Ray Wise. He is an executive at Corning Inc. He is married to Lillian Baxter and is Cynthia Baxter's father. Ken Cosgrove is his son-in-law.

When Ed was out to dinner with his wife, daughter and Ken Cosgrove. His daughter's fiancee, Ken encountered John Flory an account executive from BBDO. Ken immediately apologized to his guests, and went to see Pete at the hospital, where Trudy was awaiting childbirth.

Ken Cosgrove refuses to use his marriage to Cynthia to try to get Corning as a client since her father is an executive. He tells the parters at SCDP, "I'm not Pete. Sorry about that." ("Chinese Wall")

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