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Elliot Lawrence
Portrayed by Paul Keeley
First appearance The Hobo Code
Gender Male
Employer Belle Jolie


Elliot Lawrence is a representative for Belle Jolie cosmetics, a client of Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency. He appears during a meeting in "The Hobo Code" where Peggy Olsen's "Basket of Kisses" campaign is pitched by Don Draper and Freddy Rumsen. Elliot takes kindly to the ad, unlike fellow representative Hugh Brody, who must be cajoled by Don's forceable business tactics. Following the meeting, Elliot gushes about his experience at Roosevelt Hotel, inviting the Sterling Cooper employees to come see its recent renovation. He is taken up by Salvatore Romano, who later meets Elliot in the bar where the two share cocktails while discussing their futures and beauty of New York City. As the night winds down, Elliot invites Sal to his hotel room, ostensibly to "see the view" but it is apparent he is seeking a homosexual encounter. Though tempted, a nervous Sal turns down the offer and abruptly ends the evening.

In 1962, Elliot returns to Sterling Cooper where Don Draper and Harry Crane pitch an idea to market Belle Jolie during a controversial television special dealing with abortion. Elliot, Sal, and the rest of the boardroom watch enthralled as the episode is played. While Elliot is intrigued by the marketing potential, he declines the offer to purchase air time claiming it would be "unwholesome". Following the meeting, he and Sal awkwardly acknowledge each other.

Elliot's sexuality comes up briefly in the season four episode "The Suitcase" when a drunken Herman Phillips informs Peggy "that queer at Belle Jolie's been barking up my leg".

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