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Francine Hanson
Portrayed by Anne Dudek
First appearance Ladies Room
Gender Female
Occupation House Wife
Husband Carlton Hanson
Child(ren) Ernie Hanson, Jenny Hanson, Jessica Hanson
Other Relations Betty Hofstadt (friend)


Francine Hanson lives in Ossining, New York with her husband Carlton Hanson and their children in the same neighborhood as the Draper family. Francine confided in Betty Hofstadt a few years back when she thought Carlton was having an affair.

As one of Betty’s closest friends, Francine introduces her to members of the Junior League and watches in amazement as Betty easily charms Henry Francis, who is Governor Nelson Rockefeller's director of public relations. She convinces him to help the ladies group block a development project that they are fighting against. When the ladies' initiative suffers a setback, Francine encourages Betty to get back in touch with Henry, but as with Francine's curiosity about the Drapers' marriage, Betty is very closed to her about the subject. ("Seven Twenty Three")

Well into 1965, Francine and Betty are still friends. She downplays the neighborhood's reaction to her divorce. She mentions that her husband calls Don a "sad bastard" which annoys Betty. ("The Summer Man")

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