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Greta Guttman
Portrayed by Gordana Rashovich
First appearance Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Gender Female
Employer Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (at least until 1963)
McCann Erickson (unknown)
Occupation Researcher


Greta Guttman was the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency's head of research at least until 1963. ("Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency")

Called the "man in research" she believed that people had a death wish, and that Lucky Strike could market off that aspect of society. Don Draper flat out refused, tossing her research in the trash. Pete later uncovered this and presented it to the client, with disastrous results. In an ironic twist, when Don meets pro bono with the board of the American Cancer Society as a response to his anti-tobacco campaign, he pitches the exact opposite idea to the members. While trying to curb teenage smoking, Don suggests teenagers possess an all-encompassing, almost selfish desire to live, contradicting Dr. Guttman's death with theory.

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