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Harry Crane
S6 Harry (1)
Portrayed by Rich Sommer
First appearance Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Final appearance Recurring
Gender Male
Occupation Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Head of television department
Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency
Head of television department (former)
Wife Jennifer Crane

Harry Crane was the head of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency's newly formed television department and current head of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's television department.[1] He attended the University of Wisconsin.

Sterling Cooper

Harry pitched The Defenders to a representative of Belle Jolie lipstick but the client declined since abortion was too controversial. Roger later congratulated Harry for his initiative. In response, Harry said he wanted to be the head of a new television department for Sterling Cooper. He makes the case that all the other agencies have one. His request was granted and he then asked for a raise to $310 a week. He eventually settled on $225. "You drive a hard bargain," quips Roger. Upon returning home, he told Jennifer, who responded to Harry by telling him that she and the baby are proud about his promotion.[2]

Jennifer and Harry attend a country club party Roger and Jane threw in honor of Roger's soon-to-be marriage to Jane.[3]


Knowing the kind of asset Harry was, Don Draper, Roger Sterling and Bertram Cooper asked Harry to join them in the new firm.[1]


Harry continues in his role as head of the television department at Sterling Copper and Partners. His network of connection within the television industry and Hollywood are growing. Harry spends a considerable amount of time in California.


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