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Portrayed by La Monde Byrd
Gender Male
Employer Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency
Occupation Elevator Operator

"Every job has its ups and downs."


Hollis is an elevator operator at the building which houses Sterling Cooper. As an African American, his character has been approached by others in the office concerning issues of civil rights with these conversations often ending awkwardley due to Hollis' service position. Paul Kinsey, for example, attempted to appear on familiar terms with Hollis to impress his black girlfriend Sheila. His charade backfires when Hollis calls him "Mr. Kinsey". In Season 3, Peter Campbell attempts to have a frank conversation with Hollis over the possibility of an emerging Negro television market. Although Pete proves he has no understanding of the struggle for racial equality, the two reach a common ground on the topic of baseball. Hollis' position has also left him privy to some of the more discreet relationships at Sterling Cooper, noticing Pete's chemistry with Peggy Olsen in season one. One of Hollis' more prominent scenes occurs when he takes a bribe from Don Draper in "Red in the Face" to keep the elevator out of service one afternoon as part of a ploy to force an intoxicated Roger Sterling to walk up 23 flights of stairs.

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