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Ida Blankenship
Portrayed by Randee Heller
First appearance The Rejected
Final appearance The Beautiful Girls
Gender Female
Employer Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Occupation Secretary
Romantic Partners Young Roger Sterling


Ida Blankenship was Don Draper's old, comically incompetent secretary, who does not make sure his every need is taken care of. In fact, she is the source of much confusion and discomfort during Don Draper's time awake at the office. Miss Blankenship was previously Bertram Cooper's secretary, during which time she was quite the "hell cat".

Due to Don's sexual meeting with his previous secretary Allison, Miss Blankenship was hired to obviate any future sexual meetings with his new secretary, though how he overlooked her sexual aura is a point of contention among many fans. ("The Rejected")

After Miss Blankenship's continual fumblings, Peggy suggested that Don replace her with a different secretary; he responded that Joan knew exactly what he needed and made sure that he got it. According to a tape-recorded dictation mistakenly heard by Don and Peggy later that night, Miss Blankenship was once the "Queen of Perversion of the highest order" and had been one of Roger's many conquests in his younger days. ("The Suitcase")

Miss Blankenship had cataract surgery in the summer of 1965, which vastly improved her eyesight. Her sense of humor also seemed to have improved. ("The Summer Man")

Miss Blankenship has been known to mention Don's time in the toilet. ("The Suitcase")

Miss Blankenship died in the 9th episode of Season 4, "The Beautiful Girls." Peggy found Miss Blankenship dead at her desk. She was wheeled ignominiously out of sight, draped with an afghan made by Harry Crane's mother. Miss Blankenship died as she lived, answering other people's phones. Compared to her barn beginnings she was an astronaut. ("The Beautiful Girls")

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