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Portrayed by Elaine Carroll
First appearance The Good News
Gender Female
Employer Self-Employed
Occupation Prostitute


Janine is a prostitute.

Don and Lane decided to visit a comedy club on New Years Eve. While the comedian started singling the two out for being alone, implied that they were a couple, Candace and her friend Janine showed up and joined them. The comedian changed his tone and announced "I guess I was wrong. You're not queers - you're rich." Don suggests they leave and travel back to his place.

Back at Don's place, Candace starts rummaging around the kitchen. She complains that she can't find much food or any mixers for drinks. Janine likes the place and finds it manly. Don jokes that "I think Norman Mailer shot a deer over there." Pryce is a bit suspicious, realizing that Candace seems to know her way around the place. Janine suggest that Pryce shows her around the place, after which Don directs him to the bedroom.

Once there, Pryce loosened his tie and took off his glasses. The next morning, Pryce emerged from the bedroom, fully dressed. He asked for a glass of water and then suggest how much he should pay for the girl. ("The Good News")

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