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Jim Hobart
Portrayed by H. Richard Greene
First appearance Shoot
Final appearance Shoot
Gender Male
Employer McCann Erickson
Wife Adele Hobart

Jim Hobart is the head of McCann Erickson.

At one point tried to encourage Don to consider joining McCann. He promised over 500 people who could be at his disposal. At the intermission of a production of Fiorello!, Jim and his wife, Adele, approach and chat with the Drapers. Jim sees an uncanny resemblance in Betty to Grace Kelly. She admits to modeling when she was younger, and Jim thinks she could be just the look for his Coca-Cola campaign. She takes his business card. This move is just a ruse to try and convince Don to join the firm.

Over the next days, Jim sends Don many goodwill gestures to try and pull him away from Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency including a membership to the Athletic Club and golf clubs. Don calls him and proceeds to listen to Jim's pitch, which includes a high salary, an international network and clients that include Pan Am and Esso.

When Don ultimately declines his offer, he lets Betty go from the modeling gig, the excuse being that they were looking for more of an "Audrey Hepburn", and less of a "Grace Kelly."

Hobart is next seen in the Season 7 episode, "A Day's Work," when he encounters Don in a lunch meeting with a rival advertising executive. Hobart states that McCann Erickson would still be receptive to employing Don, before being asked to move along.

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