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Father John Gill
Portrayed by Colin Hanks
First appearance Three Sundays
Final appearance Meditations in an Emergency (last seen)
Gender Male
Employer Catholic Church
Occupation Priest

John Gill is a priest at the Church of the Holy Innocents where Peggy's family are parishioners.

Peggy, hungover and temporarily slipping out of Mass, meets the church's visiting priest, Father Gill, who tells her he'll be dining at her sister's place that afternoon. Father Gill regales the Olson dinner guests with tales of the Vatican. After hearing that Peggy is in the advertising business, he asks her for public speaking tips to improve his delivery when giving sermons.

Father Gill learns about Peggy's baby when her sister, Anita, tells him in confession that she hates Peggy for seducing a man, having his child, and continuing on as if nothing is wrong and the whole thing never happened. Outside church on Easter Sunday, the children hunt for eggs. Father Gill wishes Peggy a happy Easter and hands her a painted egg. "For the little one", he says. ("Three Sundays")

After asking Peggy to help promote the church's upcoming teen dance, Father Gill calls Peggy to convey the church committee's qualms about the dance's theme: "A Night to Remember." Peggy argues that it's romantic, not suggestive. Peggy tries to convince Father Gill to trust her on the "A Night to Remember" theme. Later, Father Gill makes copies of a revised dance poster in Peggy's office. He then tells her that he is available if she needs to talk about anything then advises her to reconcile herself to God regarding any sins. ("A Night to Remember")

Focusing on the Cuban Missile Crisis, Father Gill delivers a sermon exhorting parishioners to prepare themselves for the most important summit meeting of all, the one with God. He later hopes to take Peggy's confession, and pleads that it could be the end of the world and that her soul may go to hell. Peggy can't believe God operates that way. ("Meditations in an Emergency")


  • Father Gill plays a gospel-guitar version of Peter, Paul, and Mary's song "Early in The Morning" in "A Night to Remember".

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