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Kitty Romano
Kitty Romano
Portrayed by Sarah Drew
First appearance For Those Who Think Young
Gender Female
Occupation Housewife
Husband Salvatore Romano

Kitty Romano is the wife of Salvatore "Sal" Romano, one time art director for Sterling Cooper advertising agency. She appears in "For Those Who Think Young" where she watches Jackie Kennedy give a televised tour of the White House. As Salvatore is single in the finale of season one, it is suggested that the couple was married sometime during 1961, a span not covered by Mad Men.

Though on the surface the Romanos seem happy, as more details of their marriage are shown, subtle troubles rise to the surface. When Sal invites Ken Cosgrove to his house for dinner in "The Gold Violin", he noticeably ignores Kitty in favor of conversation with Ken. During the meal, Kitty reveals that she grew up in the same neighborhood as Sal and had long harbored a crush on him. Afterwards, however, she confronts Sal, claiming he does not involve her in his life at all.

Kitty raises similar complaints in season three, where she remarks on their lack of sexual contact stating "I don't require much, but I do need some tending." Sal deflects her comments and chalks his lack of desire to stress at work. He later demonstrates a song and dance scene from a Bye Bye Birdie commercial he is shooting for Patio Cola. While the routine is to be performed by an Ann Margaret look-a-like, Sal sashays through the motions in the bedroom. Although Kitty says nothing, her expression suggests she is becoming aware of Sal's closeted homosexuality.

After Sal rebuffs advances from major client Lee Garner Jr., he is released from Sterling Cooper, much to his dismay. Sal is later seen in a cruising area placing a phone call to Kitty where he explains that he will be home late due to work. Neither have been seen since.

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