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Lady Lazarus
5x8 Lady Lazarus
Season 5 Episode 8
Air date 6 May 2012
Written by Matthew Weiner
Directed by Phil Abraham

At the Codfish Ball
Dark Shadows

Peggy is irritated by a secret she has to keep. Pete covers for a friend and Don gets unexpected news.


This episode opens with Pete discussing life insurance with Howard, a fellow train rider who has been having a "blue month" in terms of sales. Rallying back and forth Pete assures he doesn't need life insurance because his Junior Partnership at SCDP cover's it, Howard assures him while Pete stays alive that is, reminding him he has a family that will still need financial help even after he's gone. Later in the conversation Howard reveals that he has a new, attractive mistress in the city, claiming his wife is happy despite the affair because he provides for her. In the train-station parking lot one evening, Howard's wife, Beth, asks Pete if he knows her husband and tells Pete she has locked her keys in her car. Pete drives her home, during which time Beth discusses her dire relationship with Howard. He comforts her, which results in them having sex on the floor of her living room. After the incident, Beth tells Pete to forget it happened and that it will never happen again, which doesn't sit well with him. Pete continues to yearn for Beth afterwards, calling her and even orchestrating a situation in which Howard invites him to dinner with Beth at their home. Before Pete creates an excuse to leave, he tells Beth to meet him at the Hotel Pennsylvania. Pete checks into the hotel. When Beth doesn't arrive, Pete smashes a glass of champagne against the wall.

Pete and beth affair in lady lazarus

Pete consoles Beth, in Lady Lazarus.

Megan telling don lady lazarus

Megan confessing to Don, that she wants to start acting again. Episode: Lady Lazarus.

Dons reaction to the elavator shaft

Don's reaction to the empty elevator shaft, in Lady Lazarus.

Peggy scolding Don in Lady Lazarus

Peggy scolding Don in Lady Lazarus.

Peggy and joan gossip in lady lazarus

Peggy and Joan gossip about Megan in Lady Lazarus.

Megan wants to get back into acting and begins to resent her job at SCDP. After she confesses her feelings about work to Peggy, Peggy scolds her for taking a spot at a high-value job in the agency when there are other people looking for jobs. Late one night, Megan wakes Don to tell him of her desire to start acting again. Megan decides to quit her job at the agency the next morning. Don sees her off to the elevator as she leaves the office. Moments after Megan leaves, Don calls up another elevator. After the elevator doors open, Don finds no elevator. All he sees is a bare elevator shaft, and he looks down at an empty abyss.

Don complains to Megan about not knowing what is going on in youth and popular culture, leading Megan to bring him a copy of The Beatles album Revolver. She tells him to start with the song "Tomorrow Never Knows". As Megan leaves for acting class, Don plays "Tomorrow Never Knows" and sits by himself with a glass of whiskey. About a minute into the song, he turns the record off, seemingly displeased with the sound, and walks back to his bedroom.


Main Star

Guest Star


  • James Sharpe as Calvin Nichols
  • Molly Hawkey as Sarah


Peggy: "Megan is not the problem."
Don: "You didn't want her there, you were threatened by everything about her."
Peggy: "I spend more time training her than you did. In eight months, defending her."
Don: "Defending her? She as great at it!"
Peggy: "She thinks advertising is stupid!"
Don: "No she thinks the people she worked with are cynical and petty!"
Ken: "Listen...I..."
Peggy: "I did everything right and I am still getting it from you! You know what? You are not mad at me, so shut up!"

Joan: "We missed you ar Megan's lunch. I guess you have some extra work?"
Peggy: "No. I told her I'd rather go to my own lunch with her."
Joan: "I'm not gonna lie, I did not see it coming. I thought she would fail here."
Peggy: "I feel bad, I think maybe I was harder on her, scared her away."
Joan: "Second wives, I think they have a play-book."
Peggy: "I don't think she's like that."
Joan: "Peggy, she's going to be a failing actress, with a rich husband."
Peggy: "No, I think she's good at everything. I think she's just one of those girls."
Joan: "Then you had every right to be hard on her. Did you know he met Betty Draper during a print ad? Did you know she was a model? That's the kind of girl Don marries. Goodnight."

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