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Lieutenant Don Draper
Portrayed by Troy Ruptash
First appearance Nixon vs. Kennedy
Gender Male
Employer U.S. Military
Wife Anna Draper (until his death)


Lieutenant Donald Francis Draper was an engineer originally from California and his birthday was June 2, 1917. Draper a soldier assigned to build a field hospital in 1950 during the Korean War. While the other men in his group were engaged in combat several miles away, Lt. Draper was supposed to receive about 20 soldiers to build the installation. Instead, only one young soldier, Dick Whitman is assigned to this duty, and works under Draper's command.

While working outside, they hear mortar explosions get closer until gunfire erupts and bullets zoom by their heads. They hurry for cover, and after the short round of shooting ends, they light up cigarettes. No sooner do they realize that the gasoline has spilled everywhere when a huge fireball engulfs the ground.

When Dick wakes up, he sees that Lt. Draper has been killed, burned beyond recognition. He finds Don's dog tags and pulls them from the body and replaces it with his own. The next day at the military hospital, Don receives his Purple Heart and the news that he's going home. ("Nixon vs. Kennedy")

Later, Lt. Draper's real wife Anna Draper realizes that Dick is impersonating him and confronts him.


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