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Betty Draper's Style

Betty Draper personifies the phrase "drop dead gorgeous;" she looks glamorous in everything from jockey attire to a pink negligee. Betty's beautiful floral print dresses and matching head bands, sophisticated hair styles, high waisted pants, fur coats, smart stilettos and crimson lips inspire even the wrinkliest couch potato with awe! This season Betty has been moving away from her signature floral print dresses toward slim, more conservative suits. Perhaps Betty is adapting to her new life as the wife of politician Henry Francis, or perhaps this new look represents a lady who is finally starting to find her independence. Regardless, we can't wait to see what new style surprises Betty's got up her sleeve this season. Betty has surprised everyone with sudden and unexplained changes. Her weight gain and dyed-black hair was her oddest of style choices. She was going for the Elizabeth Taylor-look and ended up resembling Henry's mother.

Don Draper's Style

Don Draper's style is sharp, suave, and subtly powerful. The collar of his crisp white dress shirt stands at attention, his suit is slim cut, his tie saber-straight. Don generally sticks to a monochromatic color-scheme--he doesn't need color to make a splash. Don is suffering some personal turmoil this season, and his slightly rumpled wardrobe reflects his inner chaos and new bachelor lifestyle. We hate to say it, but Betty was Don's most stylish accessory; without her he's a bit lackluster. Of all the characters, Don is the least to change throughout the decade of the 1960's. His basic grey or blue suit, white shirt, dark tie and hat remain even toward the end of the decade when such a look was in decline. Don transcends fashion; he is iconic.

Peggy Olson's Style

When first introduced to Mad Men, Peggy Olson's mousey wardrobe choices were innocent and conservative. The antithesis of curvy office vixen Joan, Peggy seemed to be trying to blend into the walls. Peggy has grown considerably this season; she is finally forging a place for herself among the powerful men at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. This season, Peggy's style reflects her growing inner confidence-- her new haircut is short and stylish, and she has taken to wearing pops of blue, white, and yellow. Peggy's new, more modern style represents the strong, independent, adventurous woman she has become, and we can't get enough of it! Peggy's style may reflect the greatest transition throughout the 1960's. This may represent the changing status of women during the decade.

Pete Campbell's Style

Pete Campbell has struggled to prove himself at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and for the first few seasons his ill fitting suits, thin lapels and skinny ties accentuated his baby faced youth. This season, Pete's wardrobe has matured along with him; his browns and grey suits are well tailored and elegant. Pete's style has changed drastically since his relocation to California. Free from the constraints of his suburban life, Pete now dresses as the casual, though balding, jet-setter that he always wished to be.

Joan Harris's Style

Joan's sultry curves are to die for, and Mad Men's costume designer, Janie Bryant, definitely knows how to accentuate actress Christina Hendricks' voluptuous figure. Joan has made 14 a size that every woman covets; rather than hiding her curves, she accentuates them with sexy sheath dresses and curve-hugging sweaters. In Season Four, one of Joan's most beloved outfits was the royal blue boat-neck dress with giant buttons on the bust line, and her glamorous crimson party dress with two silk bows on the back. Joan knows how to dress, and is not afraid to show off. We can't take our eyes off of her!

Henry Francis' Style

Henry Francis sure loves his checkered and sweater vests and ties. His style hasn't changed much since last season; he's is still wearing his dashing vertical print ties and distinguished white shirts. Betty seems to be attracted to Henry's polished maturity, and she has been tailoring her wardrobe to match new husband's understated style. Henry's fashion choices often reflect his social class and his political expertise.

Megan Draper's Style

Megan is a free spirit. Her style reflects her creativity and youth. Megan is also a chameleon of sorts. Her style morphs from professional secretary in the 1960's to the hippy culture of the late sixties and then the style of the West Coast. Compared to Don's eternal iconic appearance as the man in the grey suit, Megan is mercurial and ever changing

For a sometimes humorous take on the many outfits of Megan Draper, check out this gallery.

Roger Sterling's Style

Roger Sterling is rich and his wardrobe shows it. Roger's attire often features extras. He will wear a double breasted jacket or a vest. He accents his shirts with tie pins and cuff links.

Roger's wardrobe is often mature, but his adventures into the culture of the anti-establishment, including the LSD crowd and Hollywood, have caused him at times to update to his wardrobe with casual accessories such as an ascot or sports jacket.

Bertram Cooper's Style

Bertram Cooper is the sage of Sterling Cooper. He is fond of argyle and bow ties. Bertram is wealthy, but his fashion speaks of man who is delicate, eccentric, and prefers to be comfortable without being sloppy.

Bert Cooper is fascinated by Japanese culture, which shows up in his office, but he only adds the cultural influence to his attire when wearing a kimono at home.

Don't ask about Bert's choices in shoes. He rarely wears them.

Harry Crane's Style

Harry Crane first appeared as a younger version of Bert Cooper with the bow tie and the slicked down hair. All he needed was argyle socks and a van dyke. Harry changed during the 1960's. His role as head of the television department brought him into contact with the culture of the west coast. Harry's fashion choices also loosened up. He traded in the Bryllcreem for the dry look and lamb chop sideburns. The bow tie has been replaced by an ascot or scarf. The drab grey colors have been exchanged for bright colors, patterns and prints.

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