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Margaret Hargrove
Margaret Sterling
Portrayed by Elizabeth Rice
First appearance Babylon
Final appearance The Monolith
Gender Female
Husband Brooks Hargrove
Parent(s) Roger Sterling (father)
Mona Sterling (Mother)
Child(ren) Ellery Hargrove


Margaret Hargrove (ne Sterling) is Roger Sterling and Mona Sterling's daughter. ("The Grown-Ups")

Margaret, along with her mother visited her father's office on her way to get a haircut. Later that day in a hotel room, Roger lays on the bed in boxer shorts and stocking feet complaining about how his daughter has no motivation and has only dated two boys, one of which committed suicide. Joan told him that he's too hard on her. ("Babylon")

Roger jokes to Don and Betty that once Margaret stopped eating, Mona stopped cooking food. ("Red in the Face")

After Roger has a heart attack, waiting in the hospital, he breaks down. Both Mona and Margaret embrace. ("Long Weekend")

Meanwhile at a swank restaurant, Roger and his wife, Mona, ask their daughter, Margaret, and her fiancé about their wedding plans. Margaret envisions a low-key event, but Mona advocates something more lavish. ("Three Sundays") Because of Roger's divorce with her mother, Mona, and subsequent remarriage to Jane Siegel, she tells him she does not want Jane at her wedding. Mona offers a compromise that the 2 can host their own table. ("Love Among the Ruins")

Margaret Sterling

Margaret Sterling

Margaret later demands that Jane not attend the wedding. Mona convinces her that Jane should be there. Because of John Kennedy's assassination, there were many no-shows at Margaret's wedding reception. ("The Grown-Ups")

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