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Portrayed by Stephanie Courtney
First appearance Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Final appearance Nixon vs. Kennedy
Gender Female
Employer Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency
Occupation Secretary


Marge is a switchboard operator for Sterling Cooper who appears throughout Season 1. Knowing the control over office operations which comes with handling the phone lines, Marge and the other operators are treated with immense respect by Joan Holloway, who often showers them with gifts. This is demonstrated in "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", where Peggy is introduced to Marge and others, offering them chocolates and soaps. Unlike many of the secretaries around Sterling Cooper, Marge appears particularly glib and cynical about the atmosphere in the office and her appearances often take the form of comic relief. When Lois Sadler, for example, signs up for the company bowling team, Marge warns against placing her name on a list, citing McCarthy-era witch hunts as a possible consequence. Marge is also seen discussing "Lady Chatterley's Lover" with Joan and in "Nixon Vs. Kennedy" Marge and Peggy watch disgusted as Ken hikes up Allison's skirt to win a bet on what color her panties are. As Peggy goes to leave, Marge sarcastically interjects "No, stay" before indulging in Peggy's cocktail and adding "I used to think I'd find a husband here."

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