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Marie Calvet
Portrayed by Julia Ormond
First appearance "At the Codfish Ball"
Gender Female
Residence Quebec, Canada
Husband Roger Sterling
Ex-Husband Emile Calvet
Child(ren) Megan Calvet


Marie Calvet is Megan Calvet's mother and Emile Calvet's wife. She seems rather unhappy with her husband, possibly jealous of the attention he gives their daughter, Megan. Unbeknowst to Emile, when Marie is in the United States visiting Megan, she also has an affair with Roger Sterling. Marie does seem to have some respect for her son-in-law Don, despite the fact that he is an American who does not speak French. With one conversation with Megan, Marie chides Megan to do her God-given duty in being a good wife to Don and stepmother to Don's children, trying to get Megan to forget about acting as "not every little girl can do what she wants; the world cannot support that many ballerinas".

Marie's opinion of Don quickly soured when Megan and Don began the divorce process.

She is married to Roger Sterling by the final episode.


Emile and Marie Calvet

Marie and her husband Emile

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