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Midge Daniels
Portrayed by Rosemarie DeWitt
First appearance Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Gender Female
Occupation Freelance Artist
Husband Perry Demuth
Romantic Partners Don Draper
Roy Hazelitt


Midge Daniels is a smart, ambitious art illustrator, and a thoroughly independent career woman, like many of the women of the time who are newly venturing into the workforce. Midge plays by her own rules, and openly rejects the traditional ideals of marriage and domestic life.

This “live in the moment” mentality makes her the perfect love interest for Don. Her anti-establishment friends may be too much for Don, as he embodies their "enemy," but she relishes his discomfort in it. One night, even after Don realizes that she and Roy are in love, he asks her to go to Paris, she declines for obvious reasons.

In 1965, she runs into Don in the Time Life building. She tells him to join her at home with her husband, since she has lost her purse. When they arrived at her house, Perry Demuth implies that she will have sex with him if he buys one of her paintings. He promises to make a great dinner, but has no cash on him. Don gives him 10 dollars, and he appears disappointed before leaving. She tells him that he will just put that in his arm, informing him that she is a junkie as well. She knows she is addicted but cannot not stop. He writes her a check that she can't cash, so he rips it up and gives her 120 dollars in cash. He takes one of her paintings and leaves without saying another word to her. ("Blowing Smoke")


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