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Mohawk Airlines
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Is a Real Company/Brand
Status Former Client of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency
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Mohawk Airlines was a commuter airline serving the New York area. In the 1960s the airline was starting to suffer from heavy competition and from stewardess strikes. Having trouble finding an ad agency that would take such a struggling airline, President Robert Peach found an account with SCDP. Mohawk currently is one of the plum clients of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, but their tottering business still places both firms in a precarious position.

Real World

Mohawk was founded in 1945 and based in Ithaca, NY. In 1958, Mohawk Airlines became the first airline to hire a black woman as a stewardess. Other first for the airline included the advent of handling reservation services by computer databases in 1961 and being the first to use flight simulators for their flight schools. In 1971, the strikes had become so problematic that Mohawk looked to their longtime rival, the Pittsburgh-based Allegheny Airlines about a merger, which was completed in 1972. Both companies were eventually acquired by USAir in 1979, and the company name is better known today as US Airways.


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