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New Business
709 Megan's outfits 04, part 2
Season 7 Episode 9
Air date 12 April 2015
Written by Tom Smuts
Matthew Weiner
Directed by Michael Uppendahl

The Forecast


Don Draper and Megan get divorced, but not before Megan's mother steals all the furniture from his apartment. Don writes Megan a check for 1,000,000 dollars because he "wants her to have the life she deserves" and "[doesn't] want to fight anymore".

Harry hits on Megan when she has lunch with him to get help finding acting work. Don sleeps with Diana again who reveals she ran away from her husband and daughter when her other daughter died two years prior.

Roger struggles with managerial work and sleeps with Megan's mother.

Peggy is impressed with a well-known photographer, but Stan is not. The photographer seduces Stan, who changes his mind about her, and also flirts with Peggy, who identifies that she is using flattery to get her way.



  • Mimi Rogers as Pima Ryan

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