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Portrayed by Susan Leslie
First appearance The Good News
Gender Female
Husband Glenn
Child(ren) Stephanie Horton (daughter)
Sibling(s) Anna Draper (sister)
Lieutenant Don Draper (brother-in-law)


Patty is Anna Draper's sister, and mother of Stephanie Horton. In Season Two, Anna reveals to Dick Whitman that Lieutenant Don Draper initially sought Patty romantically, only eventually settling for Anna. Patty appears to have an antagonistic relationship with Don/Dick, whom she regards as a mysterious wealthy man and a bad influence on Anna. She appears in "The Good News" where she reacts negatively to Don, believing he is bringing Anna marijuana (actually provided by Patty's own daughter Stephanie).

On New Years Eve 1964, Patty's daughter, Stephanie informed Don that Anna is in the advanced stages of cancer. Anna is oblivious to her condition because Patty and the doctor felt it was best to let her live out the short time she has left in peace. When Don confronts Patty about this development, she informs him that he has no say, stating that he "is just a man in a room with a checkbook." ("The Good News")

Patty lives with her husband Glenn in South Pasadena. ("The Good News")

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