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Ralph Stuben
Portrayed by Peter Lewis
First appearance The Summer Man
Gender Male
Employer Congressman John Lindsay
Occupation Politics

Ralph Stuben is a New York political operative for Congressman John Lindsay. Ralph mentions that Lindsay might run for President in 1972.

Ralph joined Betty Hofstadt and Henry Francis for dinner at a restaurant the same night that Don was having dinner with Bethany Van Nuys. Ralph and Betty joined Henry in walking over to extend courteous hellos to Don, and then went on their way to their own table.

Once they walk away Don mentions to Bethany that Ralph is about to have a horrible dinner. Betty was aggravated at the mere sight of Don and spent most of the dinner glaring at Don, embarrassing Henry. ("The Summer Man")


"What was that?"
"That was actually my ex-wife. And her husband. And some slob who's about to have the worst dinner of his life."
Bethany and Don, The Summer Man

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