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Lane Pryce
Portrayed by W. Morgan Sheppard
First appearance Hands and Knees
Gender Male
Child(ren) Lane Pryce (son)
Other Relations Rebecca Pryce (daughter-in-law)

Son of Lane Pryce (grandson)

Robert Pryce is Lane Pryce's father.

Robert visited his son in mid-1965. Lane had expected his child, but Robert informed him that he would not be visiting and that if he wanted to see him, he would have to go to England.

Robert was invited along with Don to the Playboy Club for drinks. Robert is dismissive of Lane's attempts at selecting a drink for him. While at the club Lane introduces them to Toni, one of the bunnies.

Lane later tries to introduce Robert to Toni again at his place, and requests that his father join the two for dinner. Robert refuses, mentioning that he has a flight to catch back home the following day.

When Toni goes ahead of Lane to the restaurant, Robert beats Lane once over the head with his cane, dropping him to the ground. Robert steps on Lanes hand and has him promise to return home, only lifting his foot after Lane called him "sir". ("Hands and Knees")

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