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Salvatore "Sal" Romano
Portrayed by Bryan Batt
First appearance Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Final appearance Wee Small Hours
Gender Male
Employer Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (formerly)
Occupation Art director
Residence New York City, NY
Wife Kitty Romano


Salvatore "Sal" Romano worked for the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency advertising agency. ("Smoke Gets in Your Eyes") Sal is an Italian-American from Baltimore, MD and a closeted gay man. Lois Sadler has a crush on him and he received advances from Elliot Lawrence, a salesman for Belle Jolie.

Sal married Kitty Romano, also from Baltimore, between seasons 1 and 2. It was implied that he had a crush on Ken Cosgrove. ("The Gold Violin")

On a business trip, Don Draper witnessed Sal in a compromising situation with a male bellhop. To Sal's relief, Don did not mention or ask Sal about the incident. Instead, Don pitched the slogan "Limit Your Exposure" as both an idea for an advertisement and as advice for Sal's personal life. ("Out of Town") After the incident Don gave Sal's career a boost when he suggested that Sal should direct a commercial for Patio Cola. ("The Arrangements")

He was eventually fired from Sterling Cooper when he brushed off Lee Garner, Jr.'s advances. Garner was angered and Roger Sterling and Don Draper fired Sal to keep the 25,000,000 dollar Lucky Strike account. ("Wee Small Hours")

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