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Secor Laxatives
Is a Fictional Company/Brand
Status Current Client of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Featured in:
Marriage of Figaro

Secor Laxatives is a company and client of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The firm had started with Sterling Cooper in 1947.[1] It was originally a client of Sterling Cooper before Pete Campbell left that firm and went to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.[2]

In 1960, Pete Campbell and Harry Crane discussed Secor Laxatives when Pete stumbled upon an idea to boost Nixon's chances in the undecided states by decreasing Kennedy's presence there -- and that to do that they would buy up on-air ads for laxatives. Cooper wondered who was responsible, to which Harry and Pete timidly took ownership, and to their surprise, got nothing but congratulations.[3]


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