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Mad men severance
Season 7 Episode 8
Air date 5 April 2015
Written by Matthew Weiner
Directed by Scott Hornbacher

New Business


Picking up in April 1970, Don has resumed his womanizing ways as a bachelor. He has a cryptic dream about Rachel Menken and attempts to reconnect with her, only to learn she recently died of leukemia.

He also encounters a waitress named Diana at a diner, convinced they have met before, but she insists they are strangers. Peggy and Joan attend a business meeting at McCann Erickson, during which Joan is sexually harassed; this results in an argument between Peggy and Joan after the meeting.

Roger and Ferguson fire Ken Cosgrove, who subsequently takes over his father-in-law's position at Dow Chemical and informs Roger and Pete that he will actively make Dow a difficult client to them, out of spite.

Peggy goes on a date with Johnny Mathis' brother-in-law. The date goes well, and the two make impromptu plans to travel to Paris, but these plans are put on hold as Peggy cannot find her passport. The next morning she dismisses the experience as drunken foolishness.

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