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Stan Rizzo
Portrayed by Jay R. Ferguson
First appearance Waldorf Stories
Gender Male
Employer Sterling Cooper & Partners (current)
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (former)
Occupation Art Director at Sterling Cooper & Partners (current)
Art Director at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (former)


Stan Rizzo is the art director for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Before coming to SCDP, Stan worked for the Lyndon B. Johnson's 1964 Presidential campaign.

Stan was often seen flirting with the office secretaries. Stan believed that Peggy was repressed, so both were not happy when Don forced them to both come up with new ideas for the Vicks campaign. After Ida Blankenship locks them in a hotel room, Peggy becomes annoyed with Stan's lack of work ethic. Stan claims that she is ashamed of her body, to which Peggy begins removing her clothes. She calls him lazy and after stripping down starts talking about work once again with Stan visibly uncomfortable. Later he puts his clothes back on and calls her "the smuggest bitch in the world". ("Waldorf Stories")

While working on the Samsonite account with Joey Baird and Danny Siegel, Joan Holloway remarks about the mess they've created. Joey jokingly remarks that "although I am paid less, I am still not a janitor" before shrugging and walking off, leaving Danny and Stan to clean up the mess. Later in the day both Stan and Danny take off before Don or Peggy can keep them late in the office and miss the Ali vs. Liston boxing match. ("The Suitcase")

Ken Cosgrove attempted to buy a candy bar from the vending machine, and while it was being dispensed, the candy got stuck. After Joey's failed attempt at reaching the stuck candy bar, Stan and Joey started to shake the vending machine violently, which made a loud ruckus. Joan was not happy with this and confronted the group. Stan was amused by Joey's characterization of Joan treating everyone as if she was their mothers. Later that day he was laughing along with Joey and others at a lewd picture of Joan giving fellatio to Lane. Joey was fired shortly after this. ("The Summer Man")

Joyce Ramsay stopped by Stan and Peggy's office to say hello. Upon entering the office, Stan playfully mocked her for being a lesbian. ("The Beautiful Girls")

Stan seemed less worried about the impending crisis with the loss of Lucky Strike but remained hard working. He joked that Pete said that "if anyone sends a resume out of here they will be executed." He later believed that Peggy was sexually frustrated, and confronted her in their office, ending when Peggy rejected him outright. He later took some enjoyment when she embarrassingly had lipstick on her teeth during a client meeting. ("Chinese Wall")

Stan and Peggy sit and watch as various SCDP employees are fired from the firm. On his way out, Bertram tells Peggy and Stan that "It's been a pleasure," to slightly confused faces, unaware that he just declared he was leaving the firm to the rest of the partners. ("Blowing Smoke")


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