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Stephanie Horton
Portrayed by Caity Lotz
First appearance The Good News
Gender Female
Parent(s) Patty (mother)
Glenn (father)
Other Relations Anna Draper (aunt)
Don Draper (uncle)


Stephanie Horton is Anna Draper's niece.

On New Years Eve 1964, Don sees Stephanie at Anna's house. She is now a beautiful student at Berkeley, and after taking Stephanie and Anna to dinner, Don drives Stephanie home. Don puts his arm around Stephanie and begins to flirt with her, but Stephanie pulls away and reveals that Anna is in the advanced stages of cancer. She tells Don that Anna is oblivious to her condition because Anna's sister Patty and her doctor feel it's best to let her live out the short time she has left in peace. ("The Good News")

On May 25th, 1965, Stephanie leaves a message with Don's secretary Ida Blankenship, stating that it is urgent. Don hesitates to call and does not until early the next morning. Stephanie answers, telling him that Anna has passed away. Stephanie tells Don that arrangements are unnecessary as she has donated her body to UCLA. ("The Suitcase")

In 1969 Stephanie calls Don from Los Angeles. She is 7 months pregnant and in need of assistance. He tells her to go to Megan Calvet's house. He calls and informs Megan who welcomes her into her house and offers her a shower and clean bed. After a shower, Stephanie cuts to the chase with Megan: she's on her way to Oakland to greet her boyfriend who is in prison for selling grass, and she needs money to get there. Megan writes Stephanie a 1,000 dollar check. She leaves before Don arrives the next morning, but calls the following morning to tell Don she's safe in Oakland. ("The Runaways")

Stephanie is a prominent character in the Mad Men series finale, ("Person to Person"). Don shows up at her house in California, shortly before she leaves to go to a seminar at a coastal hippie retreat. Stephanie decides Don should come along. While there, Don has a breakdown and calls Peggy to tell her that had forgotten to tell her goodbye and that he would see her soon. Stephanie abandons Don at the retreat, but he has an emotional experience and is seen joining in meditation exercises as the series comes to an end.


7x05 Megan's outfit 02

Stephanie in "The Runaways".

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