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Suzanne Farrell
Portrayed by Abigail Spencer
First appearance Love Among the Ruins
Final appearance The Gypsy and the Hobo
Gender Female
Occupation Sally Draper's Former Teacher
Romantic Partners Don Draper


A graduate of Bowdoin College, Suzanne Farrell was formerly Sally Draper's teacher, meeting Don during a parent-teacher conference addressing Sally's misbehavior. A few months later, Don sees Suzanne jogging and offers her a lift home. Intrigued by her idealism, he pursues her romantically.

"I can't stop thinking about you," Don tells her one night, and challenges her to admit the same. She's agrees that she's been thinking about him as well, but states that she can see how a relationship with Don will end. "So what?" he replies, and the two kiss.

She tells him she doesn't care about his other commitments, "as long as I know you're with me." However, later she is clearly saddened at being unable to dine in public with Don for fear they will be seen. She also tells him that he seems deeply unhappy, and she is worried about that.

Don and Suzanne plan a secret vacation, however it does not take place, and Suzanne doesn't know that Betty Hofstadt has confronted him about his real identity. When Don calls to break off the affair, Suzanne asks "Are you okay?" to which Don replies "Only you would ask about me right now."

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