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Ted Chaough
Portrayed by Kevin Rahm
First appearance The Chrysanthemum and the Sword
Gender Male
Employer Sterling Cooper & Partners (Current)
Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough (Former)
Occupation Sterling Cooper & Partners Partner
Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough Partner (Former)
Residence New York City, NY
Wife Nan Chaough


Ted Chaough is a partner at the rival firm, Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough.

Chaough likes to think himself an equal and rival to Don Draper. When the Honda deal arrived at both SCDP and his own firm, both he and Don got the idea to visit Benihana. Much to the chagrin of Nan Chaough, Chaough egged Don on before moving to his own table.

Chaough, along with his firm was tricked by Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce into creating an expensive commercial for a potential Honda deal.[1]

Chaough, along with his firm, made an appearance at the annual CLIO award ceremony.[2]

After SCDP loses the Lucky Strike account, Ted courted Pete for a position at CGC. Pete continued to reject his offers. Ted even arrived at the hospital where Trudy was in labor to drop off a gift to the young couple, proposing that Pete join his firm - suggesting the name "Campbell Gleason and Chaough" - upon the retirement of senior partner, Cutler.[3]

Ted prank calls Don, pretending to be Senator Robert Kennedy after Don's full page New York Times ad, "Why I'm Quitting Tobacco", which refers to CGC as one of the firms that handles tobacco accounts well. Before Don hangs up on him, he asks how much that ad cost while the rest of his team laughed over the phone.[4]

In mid-January 1967 a dissatisfied Peggy Olson is encouraged to approach other agencies by Freddy Rumsen, and CG&C is one of them. Chaough and Peggy meet in a diner; and Ted, who seems eager to hire Peggy as a "copy chief", raises her offered $18,000 by an extra thousand. Since Don waived Peggy's two-weeks notice, Peggy is likely to have started working with Chaough by late-January.[5]


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