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The Crash
Season 6 Episode 8
Air date 19 May 2013
Written by Jason Grote and Matthew Weiner
Directed by Michael Uppendahl

Man With a Plan
The Better Half


The creative department has a wild, drug influenced weekend as they work on the Chevrolet account, Don has trouble letting go of Sylvia, and Sally walks in on an unwelcome intruder.


Don Draper: Well, Kenny, how are you feeling?
Ken Cosgrove: My foot's like new. You think you have new work on Monday?
Don Draper: I'll have fifteen campaigns for you but them, but you have to give me a room, so I can look him in the eye. The tambour of my voice is as important as the content. I don't know whether there are to be forceful or submissive, but I must be there in a flash.
Ken Cosgrove: You understand that I have no power whatsoever?
Don Draper: That's not true. Not if they like you.
Ken Cosgrove: (taps cane on floor) Oh, they like me, all right. (tap dancing) I'm their favorite toy.
Don Draper: That's your job?
Ken Cosgrove: (keeps tap dancing) It's my job to take them out to dinner eight miles an hour. It's my job to stop a mile from a restaurant to the guy like five pounds of crab legs and three bottles of beer piece, and then go get a prime rib. It's my job to go hunting, so they can fire off their guns, an inch for my ear, and laugh when I can startle, because it's my job. (stops tap dancing)
Don Draper: Where'd you learn that?
Ken Cosgrove: My mother. No. My first girlfriend. (taps can on floor, and tap dancing on the way out, and then walks out of the door)

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