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Tom Vogel
Portrayed by Joe O'Connor
First appearance New Amsterdam
Gender Male
Wife Jeannie Vogel
Child(ren) Trudy Vogel
Other Relations Pete Campbell (Son in law)
Tammy Campbell (Granddaughter)


Tom Vogel is the husband of Jeannie Vogel and father to Trudy Vogel.

Pete and Trudy visit Jeannie and Tom, who are far more happy to help finance their apartment than Pete's parents. Pete is not pleased with this offer, who while wanted help from his parents, does not want his independence taken away by his in-laws. ("New Amsterdam")

Months later, Pete sits with his father-in-law, Tom, who knows Pete had just been passed over for a promotion. Tom thinks it's time to take focus off work and focus on starting a family with Trudy. ("The Wheel")

Once at the new firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Roger and Lane inform Pete the firm must drop Clearasil, which was given to Pete on behalf of Tom. Since Ponds is more valuable as a client, they decide to drop Clearasil and task Pete to inform Tom. Tom meets Pete for dinner, but before the bad news could be delivered, Tom congratulated Pete on Trudy's pregnancy. Tom is upset with himself when he discovers that Pete didn't know yet. Pete is too happy to tell Tom that the account has to be dropped.

Forced to reschedule, he decides to give the bad news when Tom and Jeannie visit his place. Pete beats around the bush, and ultimately tells Tom that he was "done auditioning", and tells him that the success on Clearasil was supposed to lead to "a shot at the big one", and demands all the accounts from Tom. Tom then calls Pete a son-of-a-bitch. ("The Rejected")

Tom had shown signs of warming to his son-in-law. They were cordial and friendly in the waiting room of the hospital when Trudy was in labor. He claims that he is not trying to get Pete to join CGC, but at every turn he appears to be suggesting that he join the company. Ted Chaough even arrives at the hospital to congratulate the couple. He was there when Trudy gave birth to his granddaughter. ("Chinese Wall")

He is later seen in season 6 episode 5 at a brothel enjoying the company of "the biggest blackest prostitute" there.

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