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Season Four Episode 13
Air date 17 October 2010
Written by Jonathan Igla
and Matthew Weiner
Directed by Matthew Weiner

Blowing Smoke
A Little Kiss, Part 1

"Tomorrowland" is the thirteenth episode of Mad Men, Season 4 and the fifty-second episode overall.


After years of service, Betty lets Carla go; while preparing to make the move to Rye. Don takes the children to California, but without a nanny he hires Megan, which leads to some rather interesting events. Stephanie meets Don's children. Peggy and Ken team up to take on Topaz Pantyhose, Joan gets a promotion.

Tomorrowland faye
Faye reassures Don he isn't alone. Tomorrowland.
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Early morning Don is woken by Faye; who is now openly his girlfriend, is packing for a 7am flight. Don asks Faye to "put him out of his misery" before she goes. It is revealed that Don has a meeting with the American Cancer Society that day, a nervous Don is reassured by Faye that the society is going to "love" him. Don who claims he has a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach, Faye contemplates that his nervousness isn't just about is meeting; but with his difficulty with duality, and perhaps if he were to address it, he can finally join the world in trying "to be people." Faye also assures him that he isn't alone. Before Faye leaves, Don takes her hand and says he's going to "miss" her.

Tomorrowland joan baby bump
Joan and her noticeable bump, Tomorrowland.
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Meanwhile at SCDP sporting a very noticeable baby-bump, Joan is pushing the mail cart when she reaches Lane's office. Once inside Lane delivers the good news that she has been promoted to Director of Agency Operations; but she won't receive a pay raise due to the financial situation of the company. Excited that her efforts and services to the company have not gone unrecognized although saddened by the financial reality of the company, Joan thanks Lane calling it "almost an honor", before resuming dishing out mail.

American cancer society tomorrowland
The American Cancer Society, Tomorrowland.
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During his meeting with the American Cancer Society, when asked "why" he wrote the letter, Don explains that though it was written on impulse; it was a necessity for it to be written on the premise it would allow his company to move forward. Sussing out ways in order to campaign "anti-smoking", the board tell Don they need innovative new ways to reach out the public. Don advises the board that what the cigarette companies are out for are "new smokers" and although teenagers are an easy sell, they are also sentimental. Don preaches the idea the campaign will be based on parents and children, with cigarettes coming between them; impressed they get a "meeting for another meeting".

Tomorrowland don roger pete
Roger, Don and Pete team up to take on Ken, Tomorrowland.
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In Don's office Roger, Pete and Don call a meeting with Ken. The agenda being Ken's father-in-law to be, Ed Baxter. As one of the CEO's of Corning Inc, scoring his business would be a prize for the firm, hopefully winning them out of their financial woes. Pitching the idea to Ken, Pete uses his relationship with his father-in-law, Tom Vogel who also happens to be SCDP's biggest client to date as a way to sway Ken. Unnerved by the idea, Ken rejects the idea calling Cynthia his "life" and not wanting to do anything to compromise that relationship, calling himelf "not Pete".

Sally glen tomorrowland
Sally says "goodbye" to Glen. Tomorrowland.
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Betty and Carla are in the final stages of packing up the house so the family can move to Rye. After Betty leaves to go to the store, Glen Bishop shows up and asks Carla if he can say goodbye to Sally. Carla reluctantly allows it and Glen goes upstairs. Glen tells Sally he will try to keep in touch with her through the mail and soon he will be old enough to drive to visit her in a few years. The two share a friendly hug and Glen leaves the room. Betty returns and catches Glen as he leaves, and then immediately fires Carla for allowing him into the house. Henry later finds out about Betty firing Carla, which results in a fight between the two.

Harry tomorrowland joyce peggy carolyn
Harry makes a pass at Carolyn. Tomorrowland.
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Unexpectedly dropping in on Peggy, Joyce brings a friend; a woman Harry instantly takes to. Joyce introduces the woman to Peggy as Carolyn Jones, taking a seat on Peggy's couch Joyce begins to explain that Carolyn was recently fired from modelling pantyhose, and noticed her having a breakdown at Howard Johnson's that day. Interrupting the threesome, Harry comes in with an excuse asking Peggy about his ABC meeting, the n ends up hopelessly flirting, and failing with Carolyn. Carolyn explains that she was recently working for Topaz Pantyhose and in a moment of heated frustration they fired the agency and then her. Sensing an opportunity Peggy contacts Ken.

Megan tomorrowland surprised
Megan accepts Don's advertisement. Tomorrowland.
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An agitated Don asks Megan if she has made childcare arrangements for California. Due to the varying ages of Don children, Megan explains that he'll need two of the in-sevice nannies from the hotel, for the trip. Looking at Megan, Don asks how much she makes a week, replying "$70" Don offers to double it if her were to accompany her, as a condition he would give her a few nights off, plus her own room, all expenses paid. Accepting his offer, they arrive to California.

Don, Megan and the children arrive in California to get their minds off the move and other transitions.

Don megan happy tomorrowland
Don is impressed by Megan, Tomorrowland.
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Peggy and Ken begin a new campaign for Topaz, Ken tells Peggy that Art Garden, Topaz executive was very impressed with her hearing about them firing Dupre, the previous ad agency. Lucky for Peggy and Ken, Topaz had already bought product placement, therefore only need one successful copy to "pick-up the pieces."

Coming back from his business meeting Don is welcomed back by his children and Megan singing the French children's song, "Il était un petit navire". Before leaving them, Don expresses to Megan how impressed she is with his children, citing she like "Maria Von Trapp". Megan tell Don professionally speaking she has no experience with children, however she does have six nieces and nephews.

Don stephanie sally bobby tomorrowland
Don introduces Stephanie to his kids, Tomorrowland.
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Don takes Sally and Bobby to visit Stephanie, who is currently living in Anna's house, but is preparing to sell it. Bobby notices Anna's painted flowers on the wall, when he and Sally notice the inscription on the wall, "Dick and Anna, '64." This prompts Sally asks him who Dick is, Don simply says "well, that's me. Its just a nickname people call me sometimes." Asking the children to get some lemons, Stephanie gives Don Anna's engagement ring from the real Don Draper, telling him "not to fool" with that kind of gesture. Don asks Stephanie if she's going back to school when Stephanie says she isn't, that's the best part - knowing she has her "whole life ahead" of her.
Don pool kids megan tomorrowland
Don bonds with his kids, Tomorrowland.
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Arriving back at the hotel, Don meets Megan and Gene in the pool. As Bobby and Sally get dressed into their swimming gear, Sally asks Don to join them in the pool with Megan encouraging him, telling Sally he "swims all the time in New York"; however rejecting the offer he says his "really beat". Back in his room Don stare at the wall before going outside to his children in his swimming gear, and bombing into the pool, where he plays with his kids.

Back in their hotel room Don, Sally and Bobby are planning their day at Disneyland before Megan enters the room with a friend. Staring at Megan in admiration Don tells them to "have fun". When Sally asks where they are headed Megan's friend replies there are going to the "Whiskey A-Go-Go."

Betty henry mad tomorrowland
Betty and Henry argue, Tomorrowland.
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Back in Ossining, Betty comes home late to an agitated Henry. Henry acknowledges the fact that Betty fired Carla and didn't tell him, as well as refusing to give her a recommendation; despite the fact she has been working for Betty for nine years. When asking what she did wrong, Betty brings up Glen and how she doesn't approve of him. The argument escalates when Henry points out the logical fact that he doesn't understand Betty not moving the kids out the house because they need "stability" and then out of pettiness firing the nanny they have had since they were born. Angry that Henry is not taking her side, Henry passive aggressively utters that "no-one is ever on your side, Betty."

Tomorrowland megan don kiss
Megan and Don rekindle. Tomorrowland.
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With the children asleep Don hears Megan enter her room next door and put the TV on. Knocking on her door to "go over the schedule for Disneyland", Megan invites Don in. Together they stand on the balcony and watch the night sky as Megan shares the fact she wanted to be an actress but never really had the belief in herself. And in a moment of rekindled passion the two kiss.

Entering Sally's empty room, Betty lies on the bed.

Peggy ken topaz tomorrowland
Peggy and Ken have a meeting, Tomorrowland.
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After having sex Don asks Megan if she expected the two of them to rekindle when he asked her to accompany him, Megan admits that she did, and regardless she was going to miss him while he was away anyway, and she knows that Don has a good heart and he is always "trying to be better." Don asks Megan if he can "knock" on her door again, eventually asking her to dinner after the Disneyland trip. Megan accepts, pointing out they're going to spend the entire day together.

Arriving at the meeting with Topaz, Peggy and Ken meet Art Garden. Explaining the company is in a bind and in urgent need for a campaign, Peggy pitches "Topaz Pantyhose, the only pair you'll ever need; bad for business, good for you" off the cuff, impressing Art.

Tomorrowland megan kids
Don likes what he sees, Tomorrowland.
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During lunch with Megan and his children he notices how nice his family looks with Megan in the picture. Sitting down with them Bobby and Sally taunt each other, until Sally nearly hits Bobby, knocking over her milkshake. Quickly cleaning up the mess just before Don loses his temper, Megan calmly tells Sally "it's ok, it's only a milkshake." A surprised Don looks at Megan, impressed with how she handles his children before helping her clean up the mess.

At the conclusion of the trip, Don, unexpectedly proposes to Megan with ring Anna left Don. He expresses that Megan is the woman that makes Don feel "the way [he] has always wanted to feel". He goes on the declare that when saw her sleeping, he couldn't imagine waking up and not seeing her there, and it only took so long before they got to know each other. She happily accepts his proposal, before calling up her mother. While on the phone Megan speaks to her mom in fluent French.

Tomorrowland don propose megan happy
In a state of whimsy Don proposes. Tomorrowland.
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Back at the office announces his engagement to "Miss Calvet" to an anticipating Roger, Pete, Lane and Joan. When Roger asks "who the hell is that" surprised Joan replies "Megan", before calling her into wish them congratulations. The news comes as a surprise to everyone, especially Peggy, who arrives with an ecstatic Ken who share the news that they signed new business, which will bring SCDP $250,000 and will keep the company afloat for the time being. It is the first account that SCDP has entered a partnership with since Lucky Strike terminated their contract. Regardless of the spontaneity of the proposal everyone offers the couple their well wishes.

Alone in his office Peggy expresses her concerns for Don, although he appreciates it, he tells Peggy that he is "very happy" and that Megan reminds Don of Peggy, that she has the "same spark" and that she "admires" Peggy as much as Don does.

Roger pete lane joan shocked tomorrowland
Roger, Pete, Lane and Joan react to Don's engagement. Tomorrowland.
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Megan tells Don that Faye called once again, noting that it's "not going to get easier" the longer he waits.

Peggy later gossips to Joan about Don being married to a secretary. Irritated that although both there efforts in saving the company not only go unappreciated, the notion that the men of the office always seem to over-shadow whatever is going on in the office with their own shenanigans. Joan also introduces the fact that Don "isn't going to want to be married to his secretary", therefore probably will make her a copywriter; putting Megan under Peggy's wing. They end the gossiping session with joking that Joan doesn't get all her "satisfaction" from her job, a statement Peggy claims to be "bullshit", before they both erupt into giggles.

Tomorrowland phone don faye
Don calls Faye, Tomorrowland.
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Don calls Faye to inform her of his engagement. Rejecting her offer for her to swing by the office, Faye demands to know whats going on. Don asks her to meet him face-to-face to deliver the news, an invitation Faye refuses - telling him to tell her over the phone. The news leaves her in tears and she tells him to "never speak to her again", also telling him that she hopes Megan knows Don only likes the "beginnings of things".

Joan calls Greg to update him about her pregnancy, revealing that she did not go through with her original plans of having an abortion. She passes off the child as Greg's. Telling him about the events conspiring at work, Greg is eager for Joan to share the news with the office that she is expecting, telling her to not worry about her figure and that he will "whip her and the baby in shape" when he returns home. And in moment of manipulative titillation she teases Greg saying, "they're bigger". Before saying goodbye, she tells him she loves him.

Betty don part tomorrowland
Betty and Don go their separate ways, Tomorrowland.
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That night, Don returns to his old house and finds that Betty is still there, but is just about to leave. The two share one final drink in their old home, and Don tells her that he is engaged, to which Betty initially thinks its to Bethany Van Nuys, which Don rejects, explaining the lucky woman is his secretary. Betty appears to be saddened by the news, and almost regretful she left Don, citing that "things aren't perfect" with Henry. They leave through opposite doors, leaving the tumbler and the bottle of Rye on the kitchen island, symbolizing the two parting ways starting their separate journeys.

Season 4 ends with Don and Megan spending the night together in Don's house, as Don starts a new chapter in his life; as a new man.




Peggy and Joan gossip over the men in the office. Episode: Tomorrowland.
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Joan: "Whatever could be on your mind?"
Peggy: "Can you believe this?"
Joan: "It happens all the time, they're all just inbetween marriages, you know that. He'll probably make her a copywriter. He's not going to want to be married to his secretary."
Peggy: "Is that what he meant? She admires you, Jesus."
Joan: "Thats the way it works for some"
Peggy: "You know, I just saved this company. I signed the first new business since Lucky Strike left, but its not as important as getting married. Again."
Joan: "Well, I was just made Director of Agency Operations. A title, no money of course. And if they poured champagne it must've been while I was pushing the mail cart"
Peggy: "A pretty face comes along, and everything goes out the window."
Joan: "Well, I learned a long time ago, to not get all my satisfaction from this job."
Peggy: "That's bullshit."
- Joan and Peggy gossip about the men of the office.

Tomorrowland joan and greg
Joan and Greg on the phone, in Tomorrowland.
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Joan: "And he's smiling like a fool, like hes the first man to ever marry his secretary. She's 25; as if that's news!"
Greg: "So when are you going to tell them your news?"
Joan: "They'll know soon enough."
Greg: "You showing at all? The picture I have doesn't change."
Joan: "I'll take a new one, and send it to you."
Greg: "You know, all I wanna know."
Joan: "Yes honey, they're bigger."
Greg: "Ugh, why are you torturing me? I just woke up and its already 90 degrees here. Listen i gotta go."
Joan: "Not yet..."
Greg: "...What?"
Joan: "Not yet!"
Greg: "You listen to the doctor, you gotta eat. Don't worry about your figure, I'll whip you and the baby into shape when I get back."
Joan: "Ok."
Greg: "I'll call you Thursday night, your time."
Joan: "Ok, I love you."
Greg: "I love you too."
- Joan updates Greg on her pregnancy.

  • Don tells Dr. Faye Miller about his engagement.
  • Don announces his engagement to the office.
  • Peggy and Joan discuss Don's engagement to Megan.
  • Betty feels like no one is on her side after a tiff with Henry.
  • Don tells Betty that he is engaged to his secretary, Megan.
  • Don proposes to Megan during the Disneyland trip in California.
  • Don announces his engagement to the boys at SCDP.
  • Megan and Don celebrate their engagement alone.
  • Don and Megan fall in love in California.
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