Christina ThenNow

The Emmy-nominated bombshell, Christina Hendricks aka Joan Holloway of Mad Men, visited The Ellen Show on Thursday and revealed that she was a "misfit" in high school because of her goth style. "If I went to my high-school reunion nobody would recognize me," she said. "I was a bit of a misfit in high school."

She even brought along photographic evidence (pictured on the right) showing her dressed in leather with jet black hair. She even joked about the look saying, "What you can't see in this picture is that the back of my head is shaved."

She continues, "I'd been living in Idaho and moved to Fairfax, Virginia. The girls there had purses and I still had my backpack from Idaho." "So I tried to set myself apart and it ended up with multicolored hair."

Check out the full video below or if you are in the mood for more of the curvy star check out her photo spread in Harper's Bazaar HERE!


source: NY Daily News

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