Don't panic Maddicts! If you read Rich Sommer's recent tweet (pictured right) it is not exactly what he meant. The actor, who portrays Harry Crane, implied that the fate of Mad Men was uncertain causing a buzz in the community that seems to have turned into a deafening roar. After enraging Mad Men fans everywhere, Sommer took to his Tumblr to explain:

  • Hoo boy. Sometimes I forget about the Internet. […]
  • What I meant:
  • I am aware that all parties involved are currently negotiating the next season of Mad Men and beyond. Nothing official has been stated yet as far as a pickup, although it is a safe bet — very safe bet — that the show will return in its usual fashion.
  • That being said, as an actor who used to be unemployed a lot, and as a father of two, I choose to operate under certain pretenses, until I hear otherwise. Meaning: until I get my official pickup, I am squirreling away money and seeing a shrink to help me cope with being in this business. I will return to calm when we get the official word.
  • In the future, I will try to remain a bit more clear on statements like this. I idi [sic] not intend to start the sh*t storm I’ve clearly started, and I did not intend to ruin anyone’s day, fans and coworkers alike.
  • That is all. Retreating to my hole now. Goodbye.


Source: Movie Line

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