As we all know, Mad Men's future is a bit rocky at the moment. It has been stuck in a negotiations war over contracts since season 4 ended late last year...

But why are we waiting for AMC to get their act together?! Announce to AMC that we want the new season of Mad Men this year and we wont take no for an answer! The creators of Mad Men Blog, Basket of Kisses, have created an online petition to make sure Mad Men airs this year.

"We, the undersigned, respectfully request that Lionsgate and AMC complete financial negotiations in regard to Mad Men, so production of Season 5 will begin soon enough to air episodes in 2011," the petition confidently announces!

Sign the Petition Now!
Sign the petition and make sure Mad Men airs in 2011!
Currently the petition has more than 600 signatures.

No Mad Men in 2011? NO Way!

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