Mad Men fans have had a love-hate relationship with Betty Draper from the beginning. On one hand she is gorgeous but on the other, an icy-cold mother.

"January is a very sophisticated actress," said creator Matthew Weiner Thursday night at the 92nd Street Y of the on-screen stunner who plays a former model and big-shot advertising exec Don Draper's wife, Betty. "I think the reason people like her (Betty Draper) because she's attractive. I want to defend her because I'm very close to (Betty Draper)," Weiner said, explaining Mrs. Draper reminds him of his own mother.

But members of the crowd and Law professor and novelist Thane Rosenbaum, who was interviewing Weiner, disagreed about the blonde anti-heroine: "I find her loathsome. I know people like her. I married people like her."

What do you think of the former Mrs. Draper? Love her or hate her?

Source: NBC New York

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